Student Progress

Progress Reports & Report Cards

Students receive standards-based progress reports that include information about literacy, math, science, academic skills, and citizenship at the in the middle of each quarter and receive standards-based report cards at the end of each quarter. Families will receive the progress reports in the backpack folders or Panther Express. Families will also receive DCPS Report Cards at the end of each quarter or advisory (9 weeks).

Home Visits & Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT)

A major component of family engagement is a home visit by your students teacher. By December, our goal is for all students to receive a home visit.

Families will also receive progress reports before or at the family-teacher conferences that occur each quarter (30 minute, individual meetings) and the Academic Parent Teacher Team Meetings that occur three times a year (75 minute; group meetings for strategies). The Academic Parent Teacher Team Meetings occur three times in the year and parents will set goals, receive data on their child’s progress, as well as work together on a literacy and math strategy that can be implemented at home. Families are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school and to think of themselves as full partners in their child’s education.

Powell is committed to providing multiple opportunities throughout the school year for parents: (1) to learn about curricula, standards, and assessments; (2) to participate in their child’s education and receive updates on his or her progress; and (3) to provide input about any needed improvements so we can reach our mission of preparing every one of our students for the college of their choice.