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Karen Meek, Nurse


Complete Your Child’s Health Forms

In order to complete your child’s enrollment, your child’s school must receive the following health forms for your child. Please do not leave this requirement outstanding, as we want to make sure we can fully enroll your child and meet your child’s needs for the upcoming school year. If you haven’t already, please bring the following checked health form(s), completed by your medical provider, to your school. (If you have an upcoming medical appointment where these forms will be completed, please provide written confirmation from your medical provider of this appointment.)

Universal Health Certificate: This documents your child’s immunizations, TB screening, lead testing (if applicable) and physical performed within 365 days from the start of school. This form is required each year for all DCPS students in all grades.

Oral Health Assessment: This documents your child’s most recent visit to the dentist, and identifies any need your child may have for additional oral health services. This form is required for all DCPS students in PS, PK 3, PK 4, K, and grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

These health forms can be downloaded in the enrollment forms section. If you need help getting health insurance, please visit

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