Meals & Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is critical to students’ academic and social development. Powell is a junk food free school. The meals and snacks eaten at Powell are nutritious and not laden with sugar and fat. Parents/guardians should not send candy, gum, chips, or sodas to school with children. If children arrive at school with these items, they will be confiscated. The school breakfast and lunch are catered by Chartwells which was selected by DCPS. Food allergy forms must be submitted to the nurse to get substitutions. These forms are with the enrollment packet and on the DCPS website.

Breakfast is served at 8:15-8:35 am in classrooms. Because Powell is Title I, all students eat free.

Because Powell is Title I, all students eat free. The lunch program can accommodate students with dietary restrictions, but accommodations must be arranged in advance, completing the Dietary Accommodations Form (see Forms). Parents/guardians should notify the school of their children’s food allergies so that necessary precautions can be taken during lunch and at other times food may be consumed. Parents/guardians who do not participate in the lunch program must send their children to school with a nutritious lunch that does not require heating or refrigeration.

Students receive a healthy snack five days a week starting in September through our food services program – Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program Grant.
If you are providing additional snacks for the classroom, healthy snacks include: fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, etc.), fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.), dried fruit (raisins, dried apples, dried cranberries, etc. – but not fruit roll-ups), crackers, or pretzels or Gold Fish, applesauce, cheese, etc.

Please ask any staff member for additional suggestions if you want to provide additional snacks to the class.

Unhealthy snacks include: cookies, pudding, jello, high-sugar snacks (e.g. fruit roll-ups, Rice Crispy Treats, Cracker Jacks, etc.), high-fat snacks (potato chips, corn chips, etc.), and candy.

You can download the monthly menus for Powell in the following link:

DCPS Elementary Schools menus