Attendance is critical to every student’s success at Powell. We expect students to attend school every day, arrive on time, and leave on time. Recognition of excellent attendance will be integral to the school. Poor attendance or excessive tardiness may result in loss of learning, conferences at the school, and referral to Truancy Court.

If a student must be absent, families should notify the school and provide a reason for each absence along with a written explanation. This must be provided within three days of the absence, otherwise it will be unexcused. Families must call (202) 671-6270 by 9:00 AM if their child will be absent for the day.

Families will be contacted if their child is absent without explanation. Students who are tardy to school (arriving after 8:45 am) may have to make up the time in the Problem Solving Center as well as have a parent-administrator conference. Each student enrolled at Powell is expected to attend school every day for the entire school day unless there is an exceptional health or family reason that prevents attendance. School begins at 8:45 AM and ends at 3:15 PM. Attendance and tardiness will be recorded in each classroom shortly after the beginning of the school day and promptly forwarded to the designated school administrator. Unless approved in advance or otherwise known to school officials, any student’s absence must be explained by in writing from the student’s parent/guardian. If the student is sick for more than three days, a note from a doctor is required. Notes for excuse must be turned in within three days of absence.

Valid reasons for absence from school include:
 Illness of the student or medical cause (a doctor’s note is required for a student absent more than five days);
 Death in the student’s immediate family;
 Exclusion due to quarantine, contagious disease, etc.
 Necessity for a student to attend a judicial proceeding as a plaintiff, defendant, witness or juror;
 Observance of a religious holiday;
 Lawful exclusion or expulsion by school authorities
 Temporary facility closings due to weather, unsafe conditions or other emergencies
 Medical or dental appointment for the student
 Authorized Employment or other volunteer work for student at least 17 years old
 Failure of DC to provide transportation where legally responsible
 Emergency or circumstances approved by LEA

Tardiness: Classes begin at 8:45 AM. Students should be in class and ready to learn by 8:30 AM. In order to be on time students should walk into the building at 8:20 or earlier. A student is considered tardy if he or she is not in class by 8:30 AM.

*See recent DPCS Attendance Brochure for most up-to-date policy. 

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