2nd Grade

HernandezAmie Hernandez, 2nd DL Grade Teacher
Email: amie.hernandez@dc.gov

Amie Hernandez joined Powell ES in 2015 as a dual language second-grade teacher. She worked the previous two years at a DC charter school. Studying through Urban Teachers, she earned her master’s degree in elementary education and special education. Prior to teaching in Washington, D.C., Ms. Hernandez taught English in elementary schools in Madrid, Spain for five years. There, she earned a master’s in bilingual education from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. She earned her bachelor’s in Spanish literature and language, with a minor in Portuguese, from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her hobbies include traveling, studying languages, and discovering ethnic foods.

SoriaJoana Soria, 2nd Grade DL Teacher
Email: joana.soria@dc.gov

I’m from Madrid, Spain I am married and all my family live in my country. They have always tought me how important is love what I do and also give my best. After 7 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language and mathematics mainly, I decided that I wanted to learn from another educational system. My husband and me left everything to meet Powell’s students. This is my second year at Powell ES. My experience has shown that values the human being in a special way, trying to potentiate their personal qualities. Repeating every day, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”, try to enhance the capabilities of each student.

WuchinaMerritt Wuchina, 2nd Grade DL Teacher
Email: merritt.wuchina@dc.gov

Merritt Wuchina was born to two English teachers city of hills and bridges Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her education started before that, however, when her mother read her graduate school homework out loud to the baby in her belly.

Her favorite story as a child was The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen and the first book she ever read was Squeaky Shoes by the famous author known as Anonymous. As a child, Merritt Wuchina wanted to be her favorite cartoon character, Sailor Moon, when she grew up. While hasn’t traveled to other planets quite yet, she did live in the far off valleys of rural China for a brief period of time where she learned to play a two-stringed instrument called the erhu and eat with chopsticks.

As a teacher today, she seeks to serve children’s social, emotional and intellectual needs and searches for moments of learning and creativity in every minute of every day of her passage here on planet Earth.

If you need to contact Ms.Wuchina, you can find her this year flip-flopping between the classes of Ms. Soria and Ms. Hernandez teaching in English, hiding out in the library planning her next lesson, or sitting under a tree having lunch. (Or, if you really need her, she has a cell phone and email address too :) )

Her favorite quote by the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

dillardJennifer Dillard, 1st Grade Teacher
Email: jennifer.dillard@dc.gov

I was born in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown Hospital on October 23, 1980. I was raised in Annapolis, Maryland in a place called Sherwood Forest, where I just moved back to with my family! I have a very busy 1.5 year old that keeps everything new and exciting!. She is the apple of my eye!

I attended Indian Creek Elementary School and St. Mary’s Highschool in Annapolis. I went to the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and majored in Elementary Education and minored in Psychology. After I graduated from college I moved back to Annapolis and substituted at my old elementary school for several months. I moved to DC when I got a job teaching 3rd grade at Powell, and have been here ever since. I have also taught 1st and 2nd grade at Powell. I am proud to say this will be my 10th year at Powell!! SO much has changed at Powell and it is amazing to see the continuous improvements! I am attending Trinity University to pursue a Masters in Counseling. I enjoy running, walking, and spending time with my family and friends in my free time.

LoewenguthJoel Loewenguth, 1st Grade ESL Teacher
Email: Joel.Loewenguth@dc.gov

My name is Joel Steven Loewenguth and I am from Rochester, NY. I am an ESL teacher in the 1st grade with Mrs. Dillard. I received my bachelor’s degree from Fredonia State University and my master’s from American University. My favorite book is There Are No Children Here, by Alex Kotlowitz.

I believe that learning is contagious! We must value each and every child that walks through our classroom doors and engage them by creating an environment that allows them to get excited about the learning process. It is our duty as teachers to bring out the very best in our students and help them to maximize their potential.

noid1q11115Kayleigh Arslan, SPED Teacher
Email: kayleigh.arslan@dc.gov

Kayleigh Arslan joined Powell in 2012 as a Special Education teacher. Before starting at Powell, she worked for a small non-profit, Global Classrooms DC, developing curriculum and organizing and training volunteers for a middle and high school Model UN. Kayleigh holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations for Lynchburg College and a Master of Arts in International Education for George Washington University.  She currently lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband Ercu and their new daughter Elif. Kayleigh enjoys traveling, skiing, and learning new languages.


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